Fab Lab


Explore, innovate and create in hands-on classes such as 3D printing, electronics, basic engineering, computer programming, robotics and so much more.


3D Design and Printing Classes
Get a firsthand view of the MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer in action as it builds an object layer by layer! Draw and design your very own three dimensional objects using an easy-to-use modeling software.

Introduction to Electronics Prototyping using the Arduino
Use the Arduino to control custom circuits you construct. Learn the steps to make LEDs blink and a speaker play music. Experience the potential of this inexpensive and accessible tool.

Electronic LED Greeting Cards
Create a personalized greeting card with a flashing LED! Use electronic components and conductive paint to construct a simple circuit. Learn basic electronics concepts like polarity, switches, conductivity and LEDs. Fee-based class.

Introduction to Soldering Basics
Build a simple circuit with a soldering iron and components. Learn to safely use a soldering iron correctly to join components and wires. Fee-based class.

Basic Electronics Using Snap Circuits
Use Snap Circuits to explore the basics of electronics while you build exciting projects such as a flashing light, an alarm, a doorbell and more. Make learning electronics a snap.

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Fab Lab Instructors

Frank’s background is in science. His interests include understanding the world, one reproducible result at a time. Come talk to him about Physics, Math, Astronomy, and / or Programming.
Harold spent many years in the telecommunications industry and was involved with the development and introduction of telephony equipment. He has an extensive background in electronic design and is an accomplished woodworker and an inventor. Harold is a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology.