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27 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Graphic Design in DLM-TIC

Although at one time it was specialized physical work, design software has revolutionized typography.  This medium has become an integral part of the art director and graphic designer’s tools in achieving visual design goals.  Typography can help define the identity and individuality of the message.  It can brand the work and give it its uniqueness.  Typography ultimately allows the designer to convey meaning by reinforcing the text with a built-in visual message.  Take a look at some examples of cool typography from Pinterest.

DLM-TIC plans to have a graphic design studio as part of the center.  Let us know what types of graphic design software and equipment you would like to use in our center and in the meantime, enjoy this short film about typography.

24 September 2012 ~ 2 Comments

Free Special Event at the Orlando Public Library. Everyone’s Invited.

With innovation happening at amazing speed, what are you doing to see the bigger picture and what it means to your business? Ryan Schram, chief marketing officer at IZEA, will show you how to use emerging media, and up-and-coming social networks and technologies to enhance your business. Bring a brown bag lunch and join us for a midday learning session. Dessert will be provided.



Business Success:  Big Trends in Social Media
Albertson Room
Orlando Public Library
Thursday, September 27 at Noon

20 September 2012 ~ 2 Comments

A Trip to Full Sail University

Last week, staff went on a field trip to the Full Sail University campus in Winter Park in order to spark some innovative ideas for DLM-TIC. They met with one of Full Sail’s Industry Outreach Representatives and toured many of the film and recording studios, as well as the Hollywood-style film backlot that is utilized for both student and professional projects. They saw the Full Sail University Sports Lab powered by ESPN, and the on-campus studio that is home to the nationally syndicated morning show, The Daily Buzz. The tour included several student spaces and classroom areas where they viewed impressive student work in film, audio, 3D modeling and graphic design. Take a look at some of the highlights of their visit and keep watching our blog for further news about the DLM-TIC.

14 September 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Green Screen Technology

Green Screens are used as part of a process in filming and photography, to replace the background image with an alternate image choice. A great example of this kind of technology at work is on the nightly TV weather reports, where the weather person stands in the foreground and the background screen constantly changes between satellite images and temperature tables. If you’re a film maker or photographer, or aspiring to become one, share with us your experience. DLM-TIC is interested in the green screen technology and wants to know what you know! If you’re not familiar with the technology, check out the video.

05 September 2012 ~ 2 Comments

3D Printing

Technological advances in 3D printing will bring new opportunities to many industries, including, medical, engineering, automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing.  These advances are also an exciting development for makers, DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists and STEM educators.

We are excited that DLM-TIC gives the Orange County Library System the opportunity make this new technology available to our community.  We recently began the process by meeting with a 3D printing vendor and understanding FDM®.  Our team plans to thoroughly investigate various 3D printers and printing methodologies and to choose the most suitable model for our community.

If you would like to know what a 3D printer does, take a look at this video.