Accessing the Melrose Center

The General Orientation is your key to accessing the creative and collaborative spaces in the Melrose Center.  You can take the OnDemand General Orientation at your convenience, online at any time. If you prefer a tour and Q&A with your General Orientation, you may register for an In-Person session at the Melrose Center.

Call us if you have any questions at 407-835-7323

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  1. Melrose Center Team

    Our Video Production Studio has Mac computers that are available for use with the space by credentialed users.

  2. Melrose Center Team

    We do have an upright piano in the space that credentialed users are free to use, but any other instruments would need to be provided by the artists. If you have equipment that you’d like to load in, please let us know at the time of your studio booking. We can accommodate load in and load out at our loading dock on Wall Street with prior notice.

  3. Is the 3D printer available for use? If I had a project in mind, can I go to the center and use it? Do I need to sign up, choose time and date? And the cost?

    1. Melrose Center Team

      All three printers are available for use by credentialed members! The Fab Lab offers two types of 3D printer. The Flashforge Creator Pro Creator is a straightforward 3D printer based on open source technology, a precise and high-quality 3D printer. The maximum print size is 5.5” x 8” x 6” . The Flashforge Guider IIS allows for larger builds, with a maximum print size of 9”x9”X11”. We offer a variety of colors of PLA for use in our machines, at a cost of $.05 per gram. Please note that 3D prints may not exceed 7 hours of print time. Use of Fab Lab equipment requires the completion of the Melrose General Orientation, as well as an additional Orientation and Assessment for each of the machine types. Once you have gained credentials for a machine, you will be able to apply your skills during our Open Lab sessions. Reservations are recommended but are not required for use.

  4. HI my name is Holli and I have been to the center a couple times searching for some ideas of how to get my photos displayed? I was wondering if there was anyone that I can talk to about my style etc…. I was at one meet up before Covid but havent gone back .. it would be greatly appreciated.
    Most of my photos are on my Instagram hollihysell Im wearing a green shirt in my profile photo.
    Most of them are on there — I love downtown and I try to see the art in everything. I try to get the different shots of angles… that I vision before I take it. I hope to hear from someone soon.

    1. Melrose Center Team

      Hello, Holli! The Melrose Gallery is a new space for us and we do not have an application process for public displays in the area at this time. We currently have shows booked out until the end of 2023 with Melrose Staff projects and showcases as part of our Centennial celebration. We anticipate opening the space up for other displays in 2024. We’ll announce any changes for the Melrose Gallery on our site, and you may visit us or call at 407.835.7323 for the most up to date information on Melrose and all we have to offer.

    1. Melrose Center Team

      The Melrose Center Creative Workstations carry software for editing audio and video, as well as game design software. Was there a particular program you were looking for?

    1. Melrose Center Team

      Hello, Mariela –
      You are still able to utilize the Melrose Center on a fee basis – there are two options:
      1. Obtain a free Melrose Card
      You may visit us at on the second floor of the Orlando Public Library to apply for a free Melrose Card – just bring your ID and we can sign you up at the desk. Once you have a Melrose Card you’ll need to take our General Orientation (either online or in person) to become a member. You may then book spaces on a per use basis (you may find the fee schedule here) and attend classes (either $10 per class to reserve your spot, or free if you’d like to join the waitlist on standby if there are seats left when the class begins).
      2. Purchase a Fee Card
      You may also purchase an OCLS Fee Card. The fee cards are $125 for one year, but are good for everyone in your household. In addition, you would have access to all of our services (books, databases, spaces and classes) for free.

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