Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center

Update from Behind the Walls

Melrose Floor Plan

In anticipation of the grand opening of our new Center, take a look at the latest floor plan and imagine what you will do when the center opens. Perhaps you will create and edit your movie in the video studio and editing booths, or record your music in the audio studio. Maybe you will use the green screen in the photography studio and create compelling images using the Adobe Creative Suite software. Collaboration stations will make it easy to work together on group projects and for businesses, you get to enjoy the convenience of our state-of-the-art conference room.

Coming February 2014 @ the Orlando Public Library.

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Orlando Public Library Visits Orlando Tech

OCPS Orlando Tech Film Studio
OCPS Orlando Tech Film Studio

The Technology and Education Center staff is always on the lookout for ways to get the word out about our wonderful library services.  We sometimes consider ourselves a “hidden gem” here in downtown Orlando.  This week, we visited another “ hidden gem” in our neighborhood, OCPS Orlando Tech.    We toured the Digital Media Center and viewed beautiful student artwork created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  We saw examples of 3D models designed by students and build on their 3D printers.   In the film department, we toured the motion capture studio and observed a class in Adobe Premiere Pro.  We watched a team of students in the audio department plan a recording session and set up the studio space.  When the Melrose Center opens, we are excited about the opportunities for partnership between the Orlando Public Library and OCPS Orlando Tech.

Watch this blog for continued updates on the Melrose Center construction progress.  We’re looking forward to giving you further information about our planned Film Studio, Photography Studio, Recording Studio, Fab Lab and Simulation Lab.

OCPS Orlando Tech Motion Capture Studio
OCPS Orlando Tech Motion Capture Studio

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