Big Thanks to Exhibitors

We want to give special thanks to all of our exhibitors for the 2017 Melrose Creative Expo. We’ve heard from a few of that you’re interested in being exhibitors next year…we would LOVE that. Each exhibitor had something special to offer, and we appreciate you taking the time to come spend a few hours with us on a Saturday afternoon. Keep an eye out for our announcement for an open call for exhibitors in late Fall this year!

If it will help to keep the memory alive, here’s a little video:

Video Link: 2017 Melrose Creative Expo

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2017 Melrose Awards

On Saturday, February 11, members of the community gathered to celebrate the Melrose Creative Expo, which kicked off with recognizing top projects created by Melrose members from the past year in the 2017 Melrose Awards. This marks the third year recognizing members’ efforts, and each passing year has shown growth–not just in the number of entries or votes, but also the range of subject matter. We’re so proud of the work our members have created and are pleased to share the work of this year’s semi-finalists:

Dale Bauer
Daniel Beran
Christopher Beverly
Brett  Clark
Stephen Jay
Joshua Johnson
James Ketant
Rupert Meghnot
Joseph Rodriguez
Kevin Watts
Ashley  Zehel

And now, it is with great pleasure that we present the category winners and grand prize winner:

Left to right: Joseph Rodriguez for Film Category, Rupert Meghnot for Game Design & Programming, Ashley Zehel for Maker, Christopher Beverly for Audio and Joshua Johnson for Photography & Graphic Design/Grand Prize.

Congratulations to the winners!

You know, if you think you have what it takes to take home a prize, be sure to start working on your project and keep an eye out for the opening of the submission period for next year’s Melrose Awards. We’ll celebrate the next Melrose Awards at the 2018 Melrose Creative Expo on February 17.

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Second Annual Melrose Awards Winners

Award Categories

Melrose Awards Grand Prize Winner

Kristina Alysse Ramos
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  Category Winners ($250)

Jeffrey Brown
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Ashaine Briscoe
[ View Submission ]

Cherokee Richardson
[ View Submission ]

Kristina Alysse Ramos
[ View Submission ]

Aaron L. Griffin
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Marcus McCoy
[ View Submission ]

James Middleton
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Les Carpenter
[ View Submission ]

Patrick Nye
[ View Submission ]


Stephanie Rebeca Clark
[ View Submission ]

Lynn Alley
[ View Submission ]

Paul Browder
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Melrose Center: Second Anniversary!

Melrose Center Second Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, February 6, 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Visit the Melrose Center located on the second floor of the Orlando Public Library, for live entertainment, creative projects, and innovative demonstrations. This lively event features the creativity and ingenuity the Orlando area has to offer. Exhibitors will be in the Creative Workspace to demonstrate robots, provide resources and show you how to plug in and play! 

Audio Studio
Learn what it takes to make your world-class recording! Join us for live musical performances and interactive tours.

Fab Lab
There’s always something new to learn!  With hands-on demonstrations and activities, learn why our Makerspace is aFab-ulous place to visit!
Photo Studio
Get your vogue on! Tour the studio and check out the available equipment and classes. Have your cameras ready! Capture the event and share your best photos on Flickr. 
Video Studio
See yourself on the big screen! Play on the green screen and explore the tools videographers use to create movie magic! Picture yourself as a Creeper or soaring through the galaxy!
Melrose Awards
And the winner is… Visit Center during the event to celebrate the innovative creations that were made at the Melrose Center.  

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