New OnDemand Online General Orientation available

Have you been wanting the join the Melrose Center to take advantage of our amazing resources, but just haven’t found the time? Well thanks to the new OnDemand General Orientationbecoming a Melrose Center Member has never been easier! This series of narrated videos covering all things Melrose can give you access to the Center in less than 20 minutes. Give the G.O. a go and see for yourself!  

4 thoughts on “New OnDemand Online General Orientation available”

  1. Hello when will recording studios and other production areas have their individual orientations so that other card holders can gain access.

    1. Melrose Center Team

      We expect in-person classes, including studio orientations and assessments, to be scheduled again beginning sometime in January 2022. We look forward to returning to this process and introducing new Melrose members to these spaces!

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