Our Current Closed Status

As has been the case since March when the Orange County Library System closed all locations due to COVID-19, the Melrose Center is currently closed to the public.  While OCLS has reopened all locations, the limited service parameters currently in place have continued to guide us with regard to re-opening the Melrose Center.  In the Library’s current phase of restoring services, locations are open for services limited to returns, grab-and-go service and computer usage for up to one hour.  Seating areas, charging stations and meeting rooms are not accessible.  It would not be practical to limit typical Melrose Center customer activity – studio use, editing bay, editing workstation and sound booth sessions, for example – to one hour.  Therefore, it would not be appropriate to open the Melrose Center during this phase.

OCLS continues to carefully monitor the situation, and when we move to the next phase of restoring services, we will reopen the Melrose Center. As we draw closer to that time, we will announce details about how the center itself will be reopened in stages.  The Melrose Center, by its nature, is a high-touch environment outfitted with sensitive equipment.  We are currently working to address the challenge of effectively sanitizing equipment after each use and putting plans in place to assure Melrose customers can resume utilizing the resources safely.

Please know that Melrose Center staff miss seeing our wonderful customers.  We very much look forward to again opening our glass doors for the community of innovators and creators that help make the center such a great place.  Until then, please take advantage of the dozens of virtual events that Melrose Center Staff offer each month – type “Melrose Center” into the search box to see just those events led by Melrose Center Instructors.

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