Technology Classes at the Library for Job Seekers

This week library staff visited the Mayor’s Job Fair, held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. We spoke with over 400 job seekers about our wonderful free classes held every day throughout the Orange County Library System. People were very interested in many of our curricula, including the QuickBooks series, Microsoft Excel series and Adobe Photoshop series. On Saturday, June 29 at 10am, we will introduce our new  two hour class in Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals. If you have not had the opportunity to take one of our classes yet, visit our website and take a look. Whether you are interested in acquiring new skills, building your resume or professional portfolio, or for the enjoyment of lifelong learning, the Orange County Library System has the class for you!

2 thoughts on “Technology Classes at the Library for Job Seekers”

  1. Paulette Weir

    Thank you OCLS for always being a valuable resource in our community. We are extremely grateful that you attended our job fair to share this information with the job seekers. These classes are a great idea for job seekers, because it can help them be more employable by gaining more skills. These classes can be a very positive topic for a job seeker to share in an interview with potential employers, by discussing their professional development during their transition period between employers.

    Once again, thank you OCLS Team!

    Central Florida Employment Council (

    1. Hi Paulette:
      We were very pleased to attend the recent Central Florida Employment Council Mayor’s Job Fair. We spoke with over 400 attendees and provided information about our free classes for job seekers interested in improving and adding new technology skills. Thanks for the opportunity to attend this great event!


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