First Nail Ceremony

This past Saturday morning, visitors to the Orlando Public Library’s second floor Technology and Education Center were surprised to find evidence of construction that had happened overnight.  A new temporary wall has been installed in preparation for further construction on the second floor. The design stage is now almost complete and library staff members are looking forward to watching The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center beginning to come to life. To mark the beginning of construction, we will have a First Nail Ceremony on Wednesday, June 12 at 10:30 am.  Join us for this event at the Orlando Public Library.


2 thoughts on “First Nail Ceremony”

  1. suzanne alexander

    Wish it were possible to be there to watch the first nail. What an exciting event signifying infinite possiblilities. Best wishes to the Melrose family and the entire library staff.Thanks to Debbie for the wonderful preview tour she gave to Chet and me recently. Please pass this message on to Ken and Debbie

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Suzanne! The event was wonderful. We took a few pictures and recorded a neat video, take a look! We’ll be sure to pass your message on. Thanks for sharing in the excitement with us!

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