Tinkering with the Raspberry Pi

Library staff have recently unwrapped our own brand new Raspberry Pi and we are all amazed by this awesome little computer.  We are happily exploring its features and dreaming up some fun workshop opportunities for the community. As you can see, this credit card sized computer is a cool way to begin understanding computers and programming.

Keep watching this blog for further details about Raspberry Pi and upcoming technology classes at the Orlando Public Library.

2 thoughts on “Tinkering with the Raspberry Pi”

  1. My name is Eva Newton and I am an Adult Services Librarian at the Reston Regional library branch of the Fairfax County Public Library System. I am interested in trying some programming regarding the Raspberry Pi and I would like suggestions as to what kind will go over well in the library environment. I have been very lucky and our Friends groups has funded a few RasPi 3s. I think this program is extremely interesting and I would love to bring it to our community.

    Thank you.

    Eva Newton
    Librarian I
    Reston Regional Library
    Fairfax County Public Library
    11925 Bowman Towne Road
    Reston, VA 20190

    1. Hi Eva,

      That’s awesome! We’ll pass along your questions to our Fab Lab team and have them email a response!

      Thank you,

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