Plans for the DLM-TIC Continue to Move Forward

Working with our consultants, FX Design Group in partnership with Design Island, we’ve held meetings to discuss project goals and priorities. Out of those discussions, a preliminary floor plan has been developed. Also,  work on documentation to  serve as the basis for securing architectural and engineering services is underway.

New to the DLM-TIC concept is the addition of a “Simulation” area. Comprised of a classroom area and a Simulator experience area, we will create an immersive, game based experience. The experience begins with learning to use mathematics principles to plan and plot flight plans and ends by putting those principle to use by executing that flight plan in a simulator.

To help determine which services may generate the greatest interest and adoption in the community, we developed a survey for our users. Nearly 900 individuals shared feedback with us taking surveys online and in paper format in house. Results of those surveys are included here.   The good news is that on average, half of respondents believed that they were at least somewhat likely to use the services of the DLM-TIC! If you didn’t get a chance to take the survey go ahead and share your opinion now!

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